by Professor LEBOLABEAU


According to a common idea, we are the living being with the strongest sexuality of the whole Creation.

Yet, this subject of legitimate pride should be tempered by the recent discoveries of independant scientists. Indeed, they tell that a monkey from Zaire, the bonobo, is able to come over 50 times a day for the greatest pleasure of his partners, whatever their sex, because the chum is not very demanding. In fact, the bonobo uses sexuality in order to lighten and even to evacuate all the conflicts that may happen throughout his life in society. Thats cunning ! We can feel rightfully a certain jealousy and regret bitterly that most of the love achievements of our contemporaries happen only in words and never in real acts.

Indeed, we can imagine easily that such an explosion of sexual activity would not leave more time to a troop of legionnaires to dig atomic wells in Moruroa than to a bearded man to put his cooking pot in the toilets. If Mr Bonobo did not discover the H bomb, we can understand easily the reason : it is not because of his intellectual incapacity, but mainly because of the bonobo ladies who do not give him enough spare time to hang aboutin pubs or in labs. That's why, in spite of his extraordinary understanding of social problems, he finally invented neither the pub where the rejected lovers take refuge, nor war as a way out to his sentimental failures.

You may say : Yes, but what about Aids ? Well, I assert that in a society where sex is free, sexually transmitted diseases cannot exist ! The reasoning is simple : if such a disease affects a bonobo, then the latter contaminates the others straight away, and the group disappears tragically and quickly. So, today we keep on talking about it because there are survivors who have developped immune defences. And these people, resisting the disease,do not have to change their charming habit. We then come to the irrefutable conclusion that the orgy is the best defence against the disease, provided that everybody takes part in it.

Yet, this is not the main thing of our aim. Because curiously, this analysis will enable us to clear up a great riddle of the humanity history, that is to say : who, between the priest and the pox, was born the first? To talk about it, let us remind that priests assert they reduce the number of sexual intercourse to the number of children we must have, while limiting as much as possible what they call wandering. According to our previous statements, this standpoint against nature is going to favour the diseases that will develop, what the observation shows us without ambiguity.

Sexually transmitted diseases are then the consequence of priest moral, and we have here the evidence that priests appeared before these diseases! Disgruntled people will say that man may not have had the bonobo behaviour, which in brackets contradicts some of their words, and that diseases have developped naturally. We will then answer that this hypothesis (which tries to clear the part of the priests) denies a main part of the religious education, that is to say the existence of the original Paradise ! What could the first men do there ?

At this stage of reflection, it seems that the stakes are obvious, and we leave each one to take care of deciding and behaving like he wants.But we must hurry, because the bonobos are becoming extinct. This is the final attempt to hide the evidence !

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